Hattori Dai

The sensei and current squad leader for the PCs. Dai is a samurai whose ninja training focuses on defenses and counters.


Dai is of average height, with a thin but solid build. He wheres dark grey clothing, with light armor plates on his forearms, shins, and shoulders, a mask over his lower face, and a bamboo hat. If he expects trouble he will wear additional armor and carry his wakizashi, which he uses for parrying not attack. He owns a suit of enchanted samurai armor, but never wears it for more than ritual purposes or formal occasions. His belief is that it’s better to dodge an attack completely than take a chance it can pierce the armor.


A direct male line descendant of the legendary ninja Hattori Hanzo, Dai was born in Tetsuriku. Like his ancestor, he specializes in defensive arts and counters. Though not one of the most powerful instructors in Itsuriku, Dai is considered one of the more reliable, having never lost a student or squad mate. He tends to stay out of the action while on training missions, except when lives are at stake.
A competent swordsman, Dai fights primarily with a single katana. He doesn’t adhere to any particular school, though he favors fighting one handed to keep his off hand free for kunai, smoke-bombs, or scrolls.
Dai is a well rounded ninja, the typical jack of all trades, master of none.

Hattori Dai

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