Oni are elemental demons, typically of wind and fire. There are a number of varieties and distinctions.

True oni are actual elemental akuma with aspects of wind and fire. Among akuma, they are one of the breeds that have the easiest time manifesting on the physical plane, but they lack the common demonic ability to posses other bodies. They tend to appear as large horned humanoids with black skin, often marked in red tattoos. They prefer massive weapons that rely on strength over skill, such as clubs and hammers. This has given rise to the Hitoshokun sayings, “Giving an oni an iron club”, which means to give someone an unneeded advantage, and “An oni with a sword” which implies an apparently straightforward obstacle that might pose hidden danger, such as an oni relying on skill over strength. True oni can create and control small amounts of fire and wind, often combining this to breath fire. When an oni is angry, his mouth and nostrils may glow with fire.

Half-oni are far more common than true oni. They are the only known race of half demon to breed true. When most people speak of oni, they actually mean half-oni and are unaware of the difference. Half-oni are mortal, but share many of the traits of a true oni, just to a lesser extent. Their human blood gives them a greater versatility in their abilities than a true oni. Many half-oni breed with other demons or monsters, and this has led to several sub-races. Though sub-races are rarer than common half-oni, their special traits may carry over for several generations. Half-oni are sometimes called common oni, or simply oni.

Stone oni are a common sub-race of half-oni that lives in the forests of Hitoshoku. Their wind nature is replaced with an earth nature, giving them the appearance of rough stone. They are slower and heavier than other half-oni, but also mush stronger and tougher.

Oni blooded humans are humans who have a half-oni parent. They are usually the result of a half-oni raping a human female, who will not usually survive the birth. Though neither race likes to own up to parenting an oni blood, they are surprisingly well accepted among both. Half-oni appreciate their greater intellect and ability to move among humans. Hitoshokuns appreciate them as warriors of incredible strength.

True oni:


Stone oni:

Oni blooded template: (60pt)
+3 ST (30pt), +1 HT (10pt), DR 3(tough skin -40%)(9pt) Minor Bloodline: Demon blood (may not raise) (1pt) Jutsu Talent: Air (5pt), Jutsu Talent: Fire (5pt). Oni blooded may never have above average appearance, and most have below average. Most also have fat and/or gigantism. Some may also possess small horns (unnatural features, 1 or 2 level). Their demon blood is too weak to learn demonic abilities, save through the same methods any mortal might.


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