Most advantages are straight forward, but this list will detail any special cases. The main list is alphabetical, covering those available in published GURPS books. New advantages are listed below that. In general all mundane advantages are allowed, provided they make sense for the world, while any exotic or supernatural advantages are either not allowed or require special prerequisites.

Many advantages are available to those with sufficient control of their chi. These will be listed as chi powers. In general they are bought with a -10% limitation, as they are subject to effects that may cancel or block them. These cease to function if the appropriate chi reserve is drained and fatigue drops below 1/3. Chi abilities that are not always on must be bought with the limitation costs chi or costs fatigue and receive only a -5% limitation, as characters may continue to use them even when out of chi and below 1/3 fatigue.

Those with Trained by a Master may buy any advantage that requires Chi Mastery 0, but maintaining these abilities without Chi Mastery requires constant training. Every day the character must meditate and perform special exercises for one hour per 10 points in these abilities, rounded up. If a day is missed, the powers are lost temporarily. They may be regained by dedicating one full day per 10 points in abilities to the meditation and exercises that were neglected. Such abilities get an additional -10% cost break.

Some advantages may also be granted through the command of spirits. This may be represented many ways, depending on the nature of the spirit. The most common of these are the limitations Pact or Fickle. Pact is most appropriate for powers granted by Akuma or Kami, while Fickle is more appropriate for lesser nature spirits. The GM has final say on such abilities.

Advantages that are available exactly as listed in the book are not listed, while those that are not allowed are listed as such.
TBM means the advantage requires Trained by a Master.
WM means it requires Weapon Master, and is only useable with weapons for which the character has Weapon Master.
Chi (type) indicates that an advantage requires Chi Mastery. Type will specify the aspect of chi it is based on, and if higher levels of Chi mastery are required, I for internal, E for external. For instance, Chi (I1,Yin) means that advantage requires Internal Chi Mastery 1 and is based off of Yin chi. Some will list chi type as “both”. This means it requires some measure of Yin and Yang and is common for sensory based powers.
ET means an advantage requires exotic training. Unless a player receives such training he can’t buy the advantage. See the sections on character types for more info.

Alphabetical listing:

360 Vision: Chi (Both)

Affliction: Chi (variable) ET. Many afflictions represent specific attacks of various spirits and creatures. Some of these may be taught to mortals. In addition, some highly advanced martial arts styles may teach affliction attacks as special forms of pressure point strikes.

Allies: In Shinriku familiars are quite common. Such spirits are usually willingly bound, as the binding makes it easier for the spirit to interact with the physical world. Work out the specific details with the GM.

Altered Time Rate: Chi (I3,Yang) ET. This ability is rarely available without limitations. This is usually Costs Chi, but may also include various Accessibility limitations.

Amphibious: Chi (I1,Yin) ET.

Arm DX: Chi (0,Yang). May be purchased as a mundane advantage as well.

Arm ST: Chi (0,Yin). May be purchased as a mundane advantage as well.

Binding: Chi (variable) ET. Many bindings represent specific attacks of various spirits and creatures. Some of these may be taught to mortals.

Blessed: Many spirits bestow some form of this advantage upon their favored servants.

Brachiator: Chi (I1,Yang).

Breath Holding: Chi (I1,Yin).

Catfall: Chi (0,Yang) or TBM.

Chameleon: Chi (I1,Yin) ET.

Channeling: Chi (0,Both) ET or Blessed.

Clairsentience: Chi (E1,Both) ET.

Claws: Possessed by many creatures and spirits. Normal humans may not buy claws, but with special training they may learn abilities that allow them to grow claws.

Clinging: Chi (I1,Yin) ET.

Compartmentalized Mind: Chi (I3 or E3,Both) ET. May be purchased without the normal chi modifier, representing extreme mental discipline. This allows it to function when fatigued and prevents many types of interference, but does not remove the prerequisite of level 3 in Chi Mastery


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