A katana forged by the legendary Muramasa. It's blade is made from a strange bluish steel.

weapon (melee)

Aiohana (Blue edge) is an awakened katana, and one of the few Muramasa blades still in existence. With a blade of 2’ 10", it is at the extreme end for a katana, and uses the states for an early katana (given in the basic set). It’s exact strength is unknown, but it is powerful and intelligent by any standard.


Aihana is made from an unknown allow. Most of the sword has a mirror finish of a silver-blue color, but past the hamon the actual edge becomes a darker cobalt blue. The sheath and hilt are made from a dark black wood, wrapped in dark blue cord. The guard is made of white jade. The entire sword is undecorated and simple in design, making it stand out from its brothers. It also lacks its brothers’ legendary thirst for blood. Though Aiohana does think of itself as a weapon, it is far more concerned with the efficiency with which it dispatches a foe, not the carnage or death it wreaks in the process. Many have questioned Aihana’s authenticity as a Muramasa blade, but the sword bears his mark and all magical inquiry seems to confirm its origin. When asked about the oddity of its nature compared to its brothers, Aihana speculates that the strange ore from which it was made has allowed it to temper the deadly nature of its brothers with the wisdom of a true samurai.


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