3 tailed fox illusionist


A 3 tailed fox hengiyokai. Mittsu is performing various duties to gain recognition with the Kami and earn his next tail. Currently, that duty involves using his illusion talents to help train students in Itsuriku. He appears to be a normal red fox, other than the extra tails.


Mittsu is a very skilled illusionist, capable of completely altering the perceptions of others. Though his skill and attention to detail are impressive even to masters of genjutsu, he lacks the power to keep them going for more than a few minutes at a time. He spends most of his time teaching genjutsu techniques or aiding trainers by creating illusionary enemies for their students to fight. By constantly exercising his abilities he is also extending his own limits and hoping to increase his personal energy to the point that he can maintain complex illusions for hours at a time.
p. Mittsu’s specialty is in fine detail work, and this has earned him the honor of assisting in the complex illusions of the great pagoda, in which complex tests and rights of passage are performed. Many illusionists focus too heavily on sight and sound, but mittsu always remebers to include the subtler aspects of touch, smell, and taste. He is even capable of creating more ephemeral sensations such as a sense of foreboding.


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