The Land of the Seven Kingdoms, Naminzoku’s history is filled with wars as petty warlords built and lost empires with the blood of their followers. The spirits intervened and brought peace to the land, but peace must be maintained. In the neutral territory of Itsuriku, squads of ninja train to carry out covert missions to maintain the balance between the kingdoms.

Naminzoku is an anime inspired GURPS session set in a mythic Asia, where the spirits walk among men, samurai clash with ninja, and dark sorcerers conspire with demons.

Note: Much of the history of Naminzoku is based on actual people and events from the history of China and Japan, though I’ve fictionalized them with a heavy leaning toward the legendary side. The names of people and places are cobbled together from various Asian languages, which I don’t speak. As such, they may not translate properly. The session is hosted for players who don’t speak these languages, so the purpose isn’t true authenticity, just a feel of authenticity.


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